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Breaking Boundaries documentary follows Jack and his friends as they head to the west coast of America in search of adventure.

The journey brings them to amazing places and introduces them to fascinating people. As they eat up the Californian miles, they skydive over Perris, camp out in Yosemite and hang out with U2.

Yet Jack’s resolute spirit is also tested throughout the journey. Amidst the highs, there are many lows that put Jack’s own circumstances into perspective whilst also providing a stark reminder of the fragility of life itself.


“Before we lead others we must first lead ourselves”
“My story is just your story written in different words”
I am an optimistic realist. I recognise the realities of the challenges of life but I strive to challenge my own perceived limitations and in doing so inspire others to do the same. At 20 years of age I sustained a spinal cord injury leaving me with 15% muscle function. This event could have been the end for me but I chose to see it as a source of opportunity to grow, learn and to reset how I look at life and what is possible.


  • Inspiring keynote speeches on Wellbeing, Resilience & DiverseAbilities.
  • Wellbeing programs founded in Mental & Emotional Fitness.
  • DE&I Advisory/Consultancy to create Diverse, Inclusive, Enabling environments which allow people flourish.
  • Facilitate groups to leverage the strengths of individuals and build resilience within teams.


In this time of uncertainty and overwhelm for so many, Only Human aims to create some space, room to breathe as we explore the stories of people finding the magic in the messiness of their lives, everyday heroes and leaders as inspiration or as a reflection of our own nature. Yes we all face the many stark realities of life, we are all after all Only Human, but by the same logic that means we are full of our own potential, magic and capable of growth. This podcast aims offer new insights, different perspectives and to prompt new questions to widen our self awareness so we can lower our masks and live more fully.

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