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About jack

In my work as a coach and speaker I am passionate about accompanying people on their journey of personal development and leadership. I work with individuals and groups as they transform towards the person or team they want to and can be. I strive to facilitate and empower people and teams that are engaged, resilient, willing to create space for curiosity, vulnerability and insight, to build awareness and perspective, to understand and appreciate their potential then to grow into it, helping to reframe adversities for possibilities. I help people and groups to live and lead more intentionally, to move with purpose, clarity and deliberate action towards goals with an understanding of their why. I ultimately intend to assist people lead open, courageous, authentic, inspired, impactful, adventurous and compassionate teams, organisations and lives. How? Through 1:1 coaching, workshops and keynote speeches. I strive to create environments where people feel more connected, less disillusioned and have permission to lower their masks so the world gets to see more of their magic.

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“Breaking Boundaries” is a documentary that follows Jack and his friends as they head to the west coast of America in search of adventure.

The journey brings them to amazing places and introduces them to some amazing people. As they eat up the Californian miles, they get to skydive over Perris, camp out in Yosemite and hang out with U2.

Yet Jack’s resolute spirit is also tested throughout the journey. Amidst the highs, there are many lows that put Jack’s own circumstances into perspective whilst also providing a stark reminder of the fragility of life itself.

TedX Tallaght

Jack Kavanagh a young student broke his neck doing something he had done hundreds of times that summer. Here he tells his inspirational story of how he had to adapt to a new normal and how he is determined to win back his independence, learning important lessons from his own childhood.